3 Quick Road Trip Tips

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Being a teacher allows me to travel during the summer months. Due to Covid-19 restrictions over the past year, road trips have been the best way to travel. Here are a few road trip tips that make my journeys more enjoyable and efficient.

1. Only stop at a gas station if you need gas!

Be prepared. Click here for travel essentials. I like to have snacks and water in a cooler on ice. Save a little time and money by buying at your local grocery store. Purchasing something from each gas station along the way not only increases your calorie/macro count, but also decreases the amount in your bank account.

2. Stop at rest areas frequently.

When we take road trips longer than 5 hours, we like to set a timer for every two hours. We then stop at the next rest area we see and get out to go to the bathroom, and stretch our limbs. Keeping the blood circulating, releasing tension from the muscles and keeping our joints limber helps the ride stay comfortable. Click here for travel fitness tips.

3. Drive through the night.

We like to call this “time travel”. My husband and I are night owls. We like to tag team long drives. This is not recommended for everyone, but has proven beneficial for us. We like to knockout as many miles as possible during the night for a couple of reasons. There are less cars, which means less traffic. It gives the illusion that we saved daylight for activities. We do stop to sleep when we get drowsy. Safety first!

Well, there you have it. I hope these three easy tips help you have a more enjoyable road trip!

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