Dear Parents,

Listen, you ARE good parents. You are special and chosen! You are strong! You are the warriors of your home! You are the advocates for your babes. You are their providers, their refuge, their unconditional source of love. You are their role models, their safe place, their direction. You are doing your best! You are making your family a priority. You make sacrifices, and somedays you struggle. I know you are tired. I know it can be overwhelming. Maybe they are screaming and crying because they do not want to tee-tee in the potty or because they aren’t ready for it to be bed time yet. I know it is not easy to see the bigger picture when they are in the floor of Target throwing an out-of-this-world-sized tantrum over literally nothing at all or picking a fight with their sibling for the twelfth time today. You were chosen to be their guardian. You were chosen to raise and protect them. I know you worry often about whether you are good enough to teach them how to be a law-abiding citizens. I know you lie awake at night with mom guilt about the argument in the car over not letting them go to that sleepover. I know you second guess almost every decision you make for their benefit wondering if you are making the right choices. I know you over plan and over schedule to make sure they have the best childhood so they can grow into the person they are destined to be. I know you stay up trying to figure out how to teach them the curriculum from their online schooling or worry if you are making the right choice by sending them back to school during the middle of a global pandemic. I know you struggle to make ends meet sometimes and worry about providing while also hiding the struggle from them, so they never feel less than or without. I know you are doing your best to set the best example of how they should live their life.Your responsibilities are endless it seems! You are doing your best! You are giving your all! Hang on! Keep going! Don’t stop! They need you! They are watching! They do listen! They are paying attention! They don’t act like it most days. They are though. They see that you get up and get ready so you can get them ready! They see that you are tired but keep getting up anyway. They see that you stayed up late to clean up their messes and fold their laundry. They see that you not only cooked dinner, but that you also washed the dishes after they went to bed. They see you trying to be healthy! They see what you eat! They see the way you respect your spouse or that you separated/divorced to be happier individuals. They will remember you reading to them and being silly! They will remember all the fun adventures and vacations. They will remember your dedication to helping them finish their projects for Geography. They will not forget you taking them to practice for the third time this week, waking up at the butt crack if dawn on your only day off and droving half way across the state to watch them do what they love doing!

They are little sponges absorbing all of your habits and actions! Don’t freak out! You are doing your best, remember? They see you. They do. You are a warrior... their warrior! Keep going! It matters! You matter!

Your hype squad,


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