Dearest Self,

You are exhausted. I know! I see you! You know what I’ve noticed though? You’re lacking in an area that is really important. Self-care.

Self-care is a priority especially as a mama. You have to take care of yourself. Your physical and mental health is so important because you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you give of yourself as you do constantly and don’t make time for you too, you are going to burn out and won’t have it in you to take care of others the way you love to. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is not always a treat yo self mentality. It’s not always a bubble bath and a manicure. Self-care is not always fun, but it is a must. Be compassionate to yourself, Mama. You deserve the same compassion and nurture you give to everyone else. Your day is already full, I know. How can you possibly fit in anything else? Great question. You look at your schedule and find time. You plan! Let’s ask ourselves some questions. Is there something that you need right now? What can you do to help yourself? Where can I fit these things in? Let’s start with morning! Pinpoint where the stress comes from in your morning. What can you do to help yourself? Be prepared! Set alarms and follow through. Savor your morning beverage whether it’s a tea or coffee. Enjoy it. Nourish yourself! Meal prep is a form of self-care that benefits you. Plan what you want to eat and get to cooking on Sunday afternoon. You’re too busy to think about it for the rest of the week. Check your Pinterest board, if you are feeling stuck. Eat without guilt, and honor your body. Nutrition is so important but so is enjoyment. Eat mindfully!

Throughout the day, do not forget to hydrate. You know how important this is! It is crucial for your physical and mental health! Slow down and be present in the moment.

Nurture your relationships! Disconnect from technology when you need to. Listen. Play. Reach out. If possible, protect your peace by pruning any negative influences. Honor your boundaries! Plan date night, family gatherings, friend time, and no social media time! It’s good to disconnect regularly. Keep things tidy, not perfect. let’s be real you have little loves, but take the time to tidy and have the family join you. Set a timer for tidy time! Staying tidy helps your headspace stay decluttered. You know clutter is a trigger for your anxiety! Go outside! breathe in the fresh air. Let the sun soak into your skin.

Move your body! Have fun with your movement. Don’t be a creature of habit. There are a million ways to move. Exercise is not a punishment because it’s going to give you energy! Ask yourself some questions. Do you want to exercise with your kids or alone today? What kind of exercise do you want to do today? How long do you have?

Be still. When can you be still? How will you be still? Night is your best bet once everyone else is asleep. Spend 15 minutes meditating on scripture or affirmation statements. Shower before bed! slow down. Enjoy it. This is a time to relax! Schedule time for just you. Do whatever you want. Sit alone. Go on an adventure. Check in with yourself. Journal. Rest. Read. Do your thing once a week!

I love you! I am proud of you! Take care of yourself! They call it “practicing” self-care, because you make a conscious effort to practice it. Do it.



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