“Do you ever feel like no one sees you?”

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We went to Shelby Farms Park this afternoon to One Wheel and see some friends who were playing with RC boats. They have little boys. We have a 3 year old little boy, and we also have a seven-year-old little girl. As we pull up, she’s so excited to get out of the car, as the other little boys are her age. They usually play great together on Roblox or whatever else at our house. Today however, they were very entertained by these RC boats. As you can imagine, our daughter Lily had no interest in these boats. So, she sat in the back of our friend’s pickup truck watching these little boys play with their dads. As a few moments went by she looks up at me and says, “Mama, I feel like no one sees me. Do you ever feel like that?” Ouch. “ I do feel like that sometimes, Lily. I just want you to know though, I see you.”

In the innocence of this moment, I would like for you to know... I too feel like sometimes no one sees me. They view me but they don’t necessarily see me. Now I know that’s not true and that’s how everyone just feels sometimes. So I immediately thought, ”I need to share this with someone.” If that’s you today, listen!

I see you, friend! You’re working hard everyday to honor God. You’re working hard to be fit, healthy, have a strong mental health, be the backbone of your family, make your kids feel important and loved, be a good wife, or maybe you’re learning how to be alone or love yourself again or for the first time. You feel invisible. You’re simply struggling to keep going. Maybe a few or maybe all of those things apply to you! I know they apply to me more times than I care to admit, but in full transparency.... It is not about you. That’s what I told to my precious seven year old girl. We live to honor God. How can you honor him and love your friends, even when you feel like no one sees you?

She jumped down and asked her daddy to show her how to drive the RC boat. I went for a walk. (Had to get my 30 minute walk in.) When I got back, she was smiling and laughing and driving it like a pro. “That’s my girl,” I thought smiling.

Boy, how I wish I could hear God say, “That’s my girl!” when I am obedient. I would also give anything to hear God say, “I see you, Kayla. Keep going!“ Everyone needs a pep talk every now and then! Sometimes, when we feel invisible, we need to remember that we ARE seen by THE creator of the universe, God Almighty. His approval is all we need. Secondly, how can we honor God by loving the ones that we feel don’t see us?

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