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Traveling can be exhausting! Over the last decade, I have perfected how to stay limber, fit, and healthy while traveling. Whether traveling by plane, car, bus, or train, these practices will keep you from becoming sore. Keeping the blood circulating, releasing tension from the muscles and keeping your joints limber helps the journey stay comfortable.


1. Stretching is vital!

Every hour or two it is important to stand up, wiggle your limbs, roll down and touch your toes. Stretch your neck, arms, legs, and back. If you are on an airplane, use the aisle on long flights. If you are in a car, stop at a rest area and get out of your car. Butt kicks and shoulder circles are just a couple of my favorite dynamic stretches.


2. Stay hydrated.

A lot of people won’t stay hydrated because they do not want to have to stop to use the bathroom. This is a huge mistake. Hydration is important in preventing blood clotting, muscle fatigue, energy depletion, and headaches. No one wants to encounter those health issues ever, but especially not while traveling. I think taking a few extra minutes to relieve your bladder is worth avoiding long term damage to your body.


3. Low sugar and sodium!

We all know that too much of anything can be harmful to the human body. It is important while traveling to pay close attention to how much sugar and sodium we consume. Too much sodium can cause swelling, and too much sugar can cause energy depletion and mood instability. Cranky with cankles? No thanks!


4. Practice mindfulness.

Let us not forget about mental health and wellness. It is so important to be in the moment. When traveling, especially with children, it can be hard to soak up the moments with all of the hustle and bustle of getting from point A to point B. Yet, these are the memories that make up your life, and take up space in your brain. Choose to see it with a grateful mindset. Pay attention to even the tiniest of details.


5. Check in and check out.

Check in with the people you are traveling with. Ask them what they are thinking about. Ask them what their favorite part of the day is so far. If you are traveling alone, journal about your experience thus far. Check out. Relax. Listen to your favorite podcast, or music. Do a sudoku, crossword puzzle, or simply snooze.

What do you do to stay healthy mentally and physically while traveling? Did I leave something out? I am always looking for reminders or new practices to implement!

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