“No Negative Self Talk”

My seven year old daughter loves to tell others what to do. I can not lie; she comes by it naturally. All of her female role models are either teachers or are in a leadership role of some sort in their professions. Recently, we were at a birthday party. One of my very sweet mom friends was playing Mario Kart with her daughter and Lily. The mom expresses to the girls while playing, “I am not very good at this game! I suck!” She was smiling and giggling. Lily says, “No negative self talk!” The mom says, “Oh, you’re right!” I’m not gonna lie, friends. This is not the first time she has called out a grown adult for something. She is usually saying, “Language!”

However, it is the first time I was proud of her for calling out an adult. She did not say it in a rude way. She genuinely wanted her friend’s mom to be kind to herself. She was encouraging her. I usually am the one telling Lily “no negative self talk”. I mean, raising daughters is a challenge! They are born with amazing self esteem, but by Kindergarten, it starts to dwindle. Not all kids are nice. I guess what I am just trying to say is that she is listening. Our children really do listen. They pay attention and they are following in our footsteps. I do not share this to brag or boast about my incredibly precious daughter but to simply remind myself that she does learn from me. Your children learn from you. Children are the future! I pray that we can all raise daughters to love themselves and to encourage others to love themselves, as well. I pray that we never forget we are all teaching and learning from each other in life. Most of all, I pray we can all be more mindful of using positive self talk. You see... it's not just about telling them to love themselves... it is about actually loving yourself too, friend. “They do what you do, not what you say.”

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