Our Daughter in Heaven

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Our daughter, Jade Cannon Dearborn, was stillborn on Friday, September 25, at 36 weeks old. She was absolutely gorgeous; a perfect 5 pound 15 ounce, 18 1/2 inch blessing. It was by far the most difficult days of our lives, but also a sacred time that we will cherish forever. God allowed us to meet and love on her as we made peace before saying our earthly goodbyes. Jade will always be our baby girl, and she is with Almighty God and is perfect and free. She will never have a worry or a fear, but will only know peace. Our hearts are broken, and we will never understand why we can’t have her here or watch her grow up and raise her, but we trust God’s perfect plan and hold onto His promises. We honored her life in a private graveside service.

We have prayed over what to say and when.... what to share and when... how to express or explain how we feel... we have done some deep soul searching and spent many days and nights in God’s embrace. Now we feel, that before we end the hardest year of our life, we should share with you the greatest blessing we received and our greatest loss; Jade Cannon Dearborn.

Mama and Daddy love you and will hold you very close in our hearts and minds until we can hold you again in our arms, precious girl of heaven. I am most grateful for you, Jade Cannon and for your life. Not a moment goes by without thinking of you. I am missing you deeply. Far deeper than mere words, but I know Jesus, Abba, Yahweh has you in His hands. The hands that sculpted your perfectly formed precious face. The same hands that gave you my curly black hair and your daddy’s chin. I selfishly wish you were in my hands. I know because of Jesus that day will come again. How incredibly beautiful heaven must be. I will carry you in the front of my mind and heart. Where you came from and where you are is where we will eventually be, and it is not so very far away. I can not wait to see heaven, but until then I will do my very best to make you and Jesus proud! I am so grateful Jesus let me be your mama, even if it was only for 8 months. I pray every day multiple times a day that you truly know how immensely loved you are and will continue to be loved for all of eternity. You continue to be a blessing to us! Happy New Year, Jade!

Huge extra thanks to our family and friends who continue to bless us and check on us! We won’t ever again have a doubt of how deeply we are loved by our community. We are eternally grateful for each of you! We can never thank our community of family and friends enough for their outpouring of love and comfort during the darkest season we have ever endured. You make our days brighter! You bring a smile through the tears. THANK YOU!

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