Teacher’s MOST Beloved Gifts for Teachers’ Appreciation Week (or Christmas or Birthday)

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Recently a friend of mine was asking, “What do teachers LOVE getting for Teachers’ Appreciation Week?” I have been a teacher for ten years, and I am always getting asked this question by my super generous non-teaching friends! So, with Teachers’ Appreciation Week approaching I thought, “Carpe Diem!” Below is a list of the most BELOVED gifts teachers love to receive!

  1. GIFT CARDS: Teachers love to buy stuff for their classrooms, but it is not always in the budget. For this reason, Amazon, Target, Walmart etc. gift cards make us giddy! We also really like any other kind of gift card too! Amazon is just my personal favorite!

  2. RAE DUNN: Most of us love Rae Dunn! Did you know you can find it at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s for a highly discounted price?

  3. INDOOR PLANTS: These plants can be fake or real, but we all need a little greenery in our life! Flowers die, but plants live! Well... most of them!

  4. LOADED TEA or STARBUCKS: Teachers LOVE caffeine! Loaded teas are all the rage right now! Starbucks is always in style! If you can’t deliver caffeine to us, gift cards for these liquid golds are perfect, too!

  5. SOMETHING CREATED BY OUR STUDENT(S): Usually I would recommend a framed photo of your child with their teacher, but with COVID-19 this school year that is a rarity. Teachers love cards, thoughtful letters, or an arts & craft project made by their students!

  6. FOOD: Whether it is a bundt cake, gift card, or a snickers from the vending machine, teachers can always use an afternoon pick me up. Hey! Don’t forget the beloved Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit or delicious donut! We are not picky when it comes to food.

  7. MANICURE: We love to get our nails done! Recently though, I have personally been enjoying Color Street nails! They are inexpensive, fun, and simple to wrap! Just pop them in a card! Color Street nails are easy to apply and they last a long time! Nail salons also do gift cards, though, if you are still skeptical!

  8. PERSONALIZED ITEMS: Personalized T-shirts, tumblers, or wooden signs are always highly appreciated! There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest and Etsy! I encourage you to support local! There are so many talented teachers! How cool to gift a teacher while supporting another teacher’s side hustle?

  9. PAMPERING ITEMS: We love bath bombs, fun bar soaps, candles, masks, etc! We often forget to take care of ourselves! We are nurturers naturally!

  10. SUPPLIES: Strangely, Ticonderoga, Mr. Sketch, Crayola, Paper Mate’s Flair, and Happy Planner accessories are our love language! We LOVE school supplies!

Teachers are grateful for any gift received! We are not picky! Honestly, anything you gift us will be cherished. I hope this list is helpful to you as you plan what to pamper your children’s teachers with for Teachers’ Appreciation Week!

If you are a teacher, comment below what you love to get for Teachers’ Appreciation Week! Parents, what do you like giving teachers?

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